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Iran, S Korea Economic Ties Reinforced by Scientific Backup: Envoy

Insert Date : 2018-02-19
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The economic relations between Iran and South Korea are developing through scientific backup, South Korean envoy to Tehran said in meeting with Chancellor of Isfahan University.  Iran and South Korea enjoy good relation, Kim Seung Ho said Sunday in Iran-South Korea scientific and international workgroup meeting. He also referred to advanced car and machinery manufacturing of South Korea and Korean universities as suitable grounds for developing ties between two countries. Elsewhere in his remarks Ho referred to independent cooperation between Iran and South Korea universities, saying South Korea mission in Tehran facilitates students and professors exchange and visa issuance procedure as well. Meanwhile Chancellor of Isfahan University Houshang Talebi pointed to cooperation in Silk Road network, signing joint cooperation MoUs, holding educational courses, accepting students as examples of ties between Iranian and South Korean universities.

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